We, Eng Lee Logistics Pte Ltd offshoring business challenges range from variable lead times and the difficulty of collaborating with remote business partners and suppliers, to more complex logistics processes and the need to comply with diverse multi-national trade regulations and agencies. Eng Lee Logistics Pte Ltd emphasizes on implementing efficient and smoothly functioning global logistics and trade management networks.

Build a Comprehensive, Integrated Logistics Network

Constantly improving business performance and customer service. Achieving this level of optimization across the entire network requires linking cross-functional operations such as transportation, warehousing, distribution, customer service and finance to enable timely information flow and collaboration.

Leverage Information Technology for Improved Visibility.

We have deployed business systems – ERP to optimize collaboration across our departments operations, customer services, and billing team. Best-in-class companies have found that leveraging these kinds of integrated technology solutions can be a powerful engine to drive end-to-end visibility and agility.


Ensure Operational Readiness and Optimal Performance

The key to a successful global logistics and trade management strategy resides in a combination of people, processes and technology deployed in such a way as to achieve a highly strategic and optimized global supply network.